Police Procedurals, Thrillers, Mysteries, Historical

        Author of the award winning Dark Knights and Hairbag Nation  series

There is nothing quite like the police officer sense of humor.

The police are seen as many things to many people; protectors, law enforcers, upstanding citizens, but rarely, if ever, are they seen as funny. However, when one stops to think about it for a second, it becomes clear that police officers must come across some of the craziest, most eccentric, and most unexpected aspects of everyday society as a fundamental part of their job. 

That's exactly what I try to capture in the Dark Knights and Hairbag Nation series.  During my law enforcement career I have come across some seriously bizarre characters, and some even more bizarre situations. Sometimes, a man has just got to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Hopefully, the Dark Knights and Hairbag Nation  series are not just pieces of light entertainment for those curious about the laughs within the force,  but  also offers an insight into some of the more unexpected aspects of the job. What happens when inexperienced police officers are put in front of a riot, and are told to act as if they were seasoned professionals? Where do most police officers' breaking points lie? Do male and female police officers react differently to different situations... and what happens if and when they do? This darkly funny and somewhat twisted collection of tales and memories will not only make you laugh, it will also get you thinking about the role the police have in society today, and where the force needs reform, reevaluation, and outright applause.

© 2019 Robert L. Bryan
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